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End of year report .

Total fish stocked between March – November = 1,514, the stocking numbers this season are –

Garden pool = 757,  Wrekin pool = 757,this season resulted in cooler periods over the summer

which enabled the stocking to be split 50/50 in both pools.

The apparent P.S.D.outbreak last spring has abated with no new reported cases this year.

Of the total stocked, 245 were 3lb+, 14 were 4lb+. The September stocking included many double

figure fish which were placed equally in both pools.  

In May a total of 60 x 10” Browns were split 50 / 50 between both pools.

Rod visits from   1/1/15 – 31/10/15 =  697                            Rod average = 2.4

Rainbows caught = 1667      Rainbows released = 1258         Rainbows taken = 409

Browns caught =  43        Browns released = 43

Percent of stock taken = 30.8


January – March,  Garden pool normal level, Wrekin pool 400mm low, excellent clarity in both pools,

Return rates down although many 2lb fish caught and returned.

 April – June, Irrigation pumps operational, level dropping in Wrekin pool. Weed now evident in both

pools, progressively worsening as time passes, decent sport  throughout the period. Good time for

Browns caught (11)

July – August  Irrigation pumps removed early this season resulting in the Wrekin pool remaining fishable. Weed still heavy in both pools, working party carried out removal of large amounts of weed in both pools, although weed is still creating difficult conditions.

September – Mid November. Weed virtually disappeared, majority left now in Wrekin pool. Mr Huxley filling Wrekin pool via borehole pump, excellent stocking with double figure fish introduced to both pools.

General comments


Rather normal season, no major difficulties encountered, we were concerned in August regarding a number of large dead fish found mainly in the Garden pool, some with Cormorant scars, others with no obvious signs of damage, possibly mishandling issues, lately no further fatalities have been reported.

Thanks to the attendees of the June working party, we will hold further working parties next year as conditions dictate.

This season did see a large increase of visitors during the July – October period with varying degrees of success, many limits and some blanks and low returns !!

An underwater survey will be carried out soon mapping the levels and contours of both pools, the results will be posted on the Website and copies posted in the shed.

Large flocks of Canadian geese continue to visit the pools, this may be the reason we have not experienced the usual high amount of Cormorant sightings this year.

We continue to press the Farmer to maintain the levels in the pools, cut the grass and build the shelter on the Wrekin pool.

Best wishes and tight lines for the coming new season


Alan Cain, Fishery officer, 10/11/15

Brineton: – A report was circulated covering the period December the 1st to the 31st.

During the month there were 53 visits for 117 rainbows and 2 brown trout caught giving a 2.2 fish per rod visit ratio. The brown trout caught were reported to be in excellent condition. There were 83 rainbow trout and 2 brown trout released. There were 53 large rainbows caught with 8 of these fish being taken. There were no reports of dead fish in either pool for the past 4 months.

The Wrekin and Garden pools are now clear with Wrekin approximately 300mm below optimum level and the Garden pool full. There are still regular sighting of cormorants sometimes as many as 6 at a time.



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