Guest Tickets

Guest ticket guidelines

Further to queries made by new members we wish to clarify the rules regarding guest tickets. Generally guest tickets are only issued to members who wish to introduce prospective members to our waters. Exceptional cases, such as family members visiting the area, or disadvantaged persons are permitted prior to notification to the committee members listed below.

The rules are as follows ;-


5 Guest tickets per member per season

Guests must be accompanied

Each ticket entitles the holder to two fish


5 Guest tickets per member

Guests must be accompanied

No fish to be taken

The Guest tickets are £10.00 each and can be obtained from the treasurer Graham Winwood (    01746 761591 ) for all waters or –

Brineton – Alan Cain ( 01922 476164)

Boldings – Roger Wynne ( 01902 344288)





























































































































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