2016 AGM Minutes


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Salopian Flyfishers Association Limited held on Monday 21st November 2016 at “The Dog” Worfield.


Present: –




Mr. S. Walls Vice Chairman                                                                                    Mr. R.Wynne
Mr. R .Clark Secretary                                                                                                   Mr. C. Caddick

Mr. G.Winwood Treasurer                                                                                 Mr. J. Smith

Mr A.Cain                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mr D. Bradley                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mr P. Robinson                                                                                                                                                                                            Mr P Darby

There were a further 10 members of the association in attendance.


Tony Bostock. Richard Walton. Guy Eastment.  Paul Jones. John Daley.  Jim Wootton.  Ian Dempsey-Robbins.


The meeting commenced at 20.00 hrs.

Minutes: –

The minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting held on the 16th of November  were accepted as a true record with no amendments suggested. Proposed Paul Robinson. Seconded Chris Caddick.  Minutes adopted.

Chairman’s Report

The Vice Chairman, Stephen Walls, informed the meeting that Dr. Richard Walton had  recently tendered  his resignation as Chairman and as a committee member of Salopian Flyfishers Association. Steve readily acknowledged the hard work undertaken by Richard and the stewardship of Salopians over seventeen years all resulting in the strong financial situation and membership level that we now see.  Steve paid tribute to way Richard had chaired the committee and expressed his sincere thanks for all of the work he has done for the club. There was general agreement from those present at the meeting.


The Vice Chairman warmly welcomed all members to the meeting and was pleased to see that some recently joined members were in attendance.

Steve Walls then outlined the format of the meeting with firstly the formal business of the association, to accept the reports of the Officers. Then to be followed by an open discussion giving everyone present an opportunity to air their views on any matter whether the Salopians management, stocking policies, waters available and their condition, the infrastructure or indeed any other concerns or suggestions.

Steve reported that we had ended the year showing a  financial profit and that membership at 77 +4 juniors was more than in season 2015 when we had 66 + 3 Juniors. Our Web Site www.salopianflyfishers.co.uk is now receiving many hits and has been completely overhauled.  Paul Darby was thanked for his very professional work on our website which is now an excellent vehicle for membership inquiries and has been instrumental in our increased membership. Both Boldings and Brineton pools have fished well as have both of our excellent river beats, more information to follow under Fishery Officers reports. Winter fishing is now good and with a number of residual trout remaining in our pools, we are to stock the pools in either December or January weather dependant.


Treasurers Report


Graham Winwood submitted a written and detailed  2015/6 Trading Account confirming that with an income of £20,708.50 and net expenditure of £17,794.25 we would show an operating net profit of £2,914.25 for the season.  Subscription income at £20,091 was some £2,868 more than last seasons which stood at £17,223. Rental costs were £8,070  some £44 less than last season due to a VAT anomaly at the Clun. The cost of fish stocking at £8,392.82 compared with £6,834 for 2015demstrates extra and larger fish stocked as a result of the increased membership. The sale of guest tickets this season was £170 and was up on last season by £50.


Membership levels over recent seasons


Year              2002   2003   2004   2005   2006    2007    2008    2009    2010    2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016


Members         77       88       91       77       76        67        59        57        55        62       64        64       60       69       81



There is a current cash surplus of £15,779.49 (£12,772 last season) . This fund is held for two main reasons, in case we suffer  poor income years the reserve could then enable Salopians to continue and also as a fund if we have an opportunity to purchase a fishing water of our own and to improve the infrastructure and fishing opportunities.

Graham proposed the annual membership fee to be held at £285 and the present inducement to pay subscriptions promptly in January be retained as a reduction of £15 down to £270 for members paying their annual subscription by the 31st of January 2017. This discount is for timely commitment only, so members paying by standing order or by several cheques must commence the standing order or date and submit the first cheque to arrive no later than 5 working days prior to January the 31st. Members renewing after January the 31st will not be entitled to the £15 discount. This reduction last season was very successful in bringing in subscriptions on time and thus allowing the committee to make decisions on such things as stocking levels as early as possible. Members are reminded that it is not permitted to fish from the 1st of January 2017 unless the 2017 subscription has been paid or committed.

Proposed Don Walls seconded Paul Robinson carried unopposed.


Secretaries Report

Roy Clark explained his duties as secretary were twofold, both compiling and answering all correspondence and also negotiating with fish farms in order to purchase rainbow and brown trout for stocking. He also recently negotiated with Balfour’s, the Davenport Estate managers, to take on the Double Bank beat of the Worfe from the bridge before Worfield up to the bottom of our current Rochelle’s stretch. This will add quality fishing opportunity and is possible due to the increase in the financial  situation. The majority of correspondence is responding to applications to join Salopians most of which now come via our website www.salopianflyfishers.co.uk.

He then reported that stocking levels were planned at a level of approximately 40 fish per annum per member with the total calculated at the end of  February on membership levels at that time.  The Stillwater totals for the season were; 2,715 (2,210 last season) rainbow trout of standard size, 540 (460) at 3lb+ and 116 (40) at 4lb+ and an extra 170 brown trout between ¾ lb to 3lb for the pools.

The river Worfe Rochelle’s beat was stocked in May with 200 brown trout of approximately 9 ins.  It is considered that these fish are of a more appropriate size for the Worfe. The newly acquired  Double Bank beat will require stocking in 2017 with similar size brown trout.

It was reported that the price for next season’s stock fish, both brown and rainbow trout, is now under negotiation with various fish farms in order to obtain the most competitive prices. It was pointed out that we have not paid an increase since season 2010 and perhaps we may have to accept an increase for 2017?  Decisions on quantities are very dependent upon membership take-up to determine stocking density. Early commitment by members will allow for a decision on quantities to be made in February when the orders are placed with the fish farms and they can then grade accordingly using monthly growth rate predictions.


Boldings Farm


John Smith introduced himself as the Fishery Officer for the Boldings pools and submitted a detailed written report.

He thanked Roger Wynne the previous Fishery Officer for all of his hard graft at Boldings over many years and for his invaluable assistance at the time of the handover. Our Landlord Ed Turner and his son Mark have  carried out substantial work removing some bushes and much bankside weed and also leveling and compacting the banks. This has unfortunately resulted in water disturbance and some decolourisation but is now clearing.


Fish Stocked Visits Fish Caught 2lb plus Fish Taken Rod Average % Taken
2015 2016 2015 2016 2015 2016 2015 2016 2015 2016 2015 2016 2015 2016
1217 1328 485 589 1423 1647 168 362 214 300 2.93 2.8 17.6 22.6


This season we stocked more fish, had 104 more visits catching  244 more fish with a slightly lower rod average (- 0.13) of fish caught per visit. The number of fish caught at 2lb or over, some substantially over, was more than twice as many as in season 2015. This season has seen us stock rainbow trout of  4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 7lb, and over plus brown trout between 1lb and 3lb. There has been little evidence reported of fish being caught showing scarring by cormorants or herons but there have been reported  sightings of a mink.

The fishing platform on the hut side of Lanternslip has had to be removed as it was rotten and unsafe. Two additional platforms are planned for the opposite side of the pool to aid casting with the close proximity of the hedge behind. Weed removal and slabbing of areas on both pools is planned in order to create more access. It is also hoped to replace the existing fishing hut possibly nearer to the car park. Work parties will be required from time to time and will be announced .Work parties have in the recent past been poorly supported, there is no obligation to help but it would be appreciated.


Members are reminded that it is not permitted to fish from the 1st of January 2017 unless the 2017seasons subscription has been paid or committed.



Alan Cain submitted a detailed written report.


There were 920-rod visits to the fishery between January the 1st and November the 16th 2016 with 2,096 fish caught at a fish per rod visit ratio of 2.3 per visit. The number of rainbows caught was 2,015 with 1,670 being released and 345 taken, there were 81 brown trout caught and all were released. The total number of fish stocked was 1,833 and the percentage of the stocked fish taken was 19%. The fish stocked were allocated equally to the Garden Pool and the Wrekin Pool. Of the total rainbow trout stocked 290 were 3lb+ and 58 were 5lb+ an additional stocking of 40 brown trout up to 3lb was carried out in November.


January- March. Wrekin and Garden pools both full with excellent water clarity but fishing was difficult with returns of  0.6 fish per rod visit. Barley was placed into the Garden Pool to inhibit weed growth


April – June. Irrigation pumps were operating and the level in the Wrekin pool was dropping. Weed was evident in both pools and progressively increasing in density. Good fishing throughout the period. A working party managed to remove substantial early weed growth.


July – August. A very difficult period, fish stocking had to be suspended due to abnormally high water temperatures and  low dissolved oxygen levels. A total of approximately 50 dead fish were found and removed from both pools and high protein pellet feeding was undertaken in order to lessen malnutrition.


September – November. Greatly improved conditions and fish catch returns and a large fish stocking in October helped immensely. The strawberry irrigation pump was switched off on the 12th of November. A new and more powerful borehole pump has been installed which hopefully will keep pace with irrigation pump on the Wrekin pool? Working parties will be required and  announced.


General Comments

A partly difficult season due to low water levels and low dissolved oxygen content. Of concern during the hot summer months has been the noticeable decline in insect life on both pools with daddy long legs and damsels  being scarce or none existent. This season did see an increase in members fishing at Brineton with 3 months showing over 100-rod visits. It is intended to stock some trout during the winter, either December or January, weather dependant.


Members are reminded that it is not permitted to fish from the 1st of January 2017 unless the 2017 subscription has been paid or committed.



River Worfe


Steve Walls submitted a detailed written report.


25/03 – 07/05            8/05 –07/06           08/06 – 04/07        05/07 – 06/08             07/08 – 11/09           12/09 – 05/10                        5 visits 2 caught            38 for 70                     6 for 7                11 for 5                     11 for 7                     2 for 2

0.4 fish/rod visit       1.8 fish/rod visit     .2 fish/rod visit    0.5 fish/rod visit        6 fish/rod visit          1 fish/rod visit


The result for the 2007 season was 78 visits for 115 brown trout caught at 1.47 fish per rod visit

The result for the 2008 season was 68 visits for 133 brown trout caught at 1.95 fish per rod visit.

The result for the 2009 season was 75 visits for   86 brown trout caught at 1.15 fish per rod visit.

The result for the 2010 season was 69 visits for   91 brown trout caught at 1.33 fish per rod visit

The result for the 2011 season was 108 visits for 253 brown trout caught at 2.3 fish per rod visit

The result for the 2012 season was   56 visits for 122 brown trout caught at 2.1 fish per rod visit

The result for the 2013 season was   72 visits for 121 brown trout caught at 1.7 fish per rod visit

The result for the 2014 season was   62 visits for   86 brown trout caught at 1.4 fish per rod visit

The result for the 2015 season was   42 visits for   38 brown trout caught at 0.9 fish per rod visit

The result for the 2016 season was   73 visits for   93 brown trout caught at 1.3 fish per rod visit


This season was one of very good river fishing when conditions were right.

Two hundred  brown trout (triploid) at approximately 10ins were stocked on May the 7th

  • On May the 7th a good turnout of Salopian members visited the Worfe for a familiarization session- fishery boundaries, tackle needed, possible hotspots and small river tactics were discussed. They were also able to watch the brown trout stocking take place.
  • The largest fish caught this season was a fin perfect specimen brown caught on may the 7th before the stocking and on an Orange Tag Mary Nymph.
  • The best individual bag was 5 browns caught by C Jones on May the 27th using a dry Kites Imperial.
  • Invertebrate sampling is continuing on the river and a useful historical record is building.


River Clun


David Bradley submitted a detailed written report.


  • There were 31 visits by Salopian members since January 2016.
  • May and August were the most popular months.
  • July and August were the most productive months for both trout and Grayling.
  • A total of 57 brown trout were caught the largest two being 14 ins caught by David Bradley on the 30th of July and again on the 20th of August.

A total of 97 grayling were caught the largest being 16ins caught by David Bradley on the 30th of July.


Results for 2016 and from previous seasons were:-





2005 2006 2007* 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Rod Visits 23 23 18 17 22 20 22 22 26 16
Browns     53 18 89 48 155 38 17 47 101 53
Grayling   22 13 21 27 55 3 10 54 75 36
Misc’         0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total         75 32 110 75 210 41 27 101 176 89
Rod Average 3.3 1.4 6.1 4.4 9.5 2 1.2 4.5 6.7 5.6


*Up to and including October 3rd













Rod Visits 31





Browns 57





Grayling 97





Misc’ 0





Total 154





Rod Average 4.9







The Clun has remained true to its reputation as a challenging and very temperamental river during season 2016. Water conditions are critical to success and it seems that the early part of this season was difficult because of  too little water! There were not as many fish >14ins caught this season. Dry fly remains the most popular method and imitations of olives, caddis, and mayfly, in late May and in June are the standards. The most successful nymphs as expected were pheasant tail, hares ear, caddis pupae, and shrimps, especially weighted ones.  Red kites are now becoming an almost common  site as their population increases. The member’s familiarization day on May the 16th attracted seven members and has resulted in more rod visits that in previous years. David hopes to organize another familiarization day in May next year and any member who seeks advice on access or any other Clun matter should contact him. Access can sometimes be difficult and David strongly suggested that members wishing to fish the Clun for the first time should read the list of potential hazards posted on our website www.salopianflyfishers.co.uk. before doing so.



Election of Officers


The  Vice Chairman then handed over the meeting to the Secretary.


Roy then asked for nominations for the position of Chairman.  Paul Robinson proposed Steve Walls seconded by Chris Caddick. Steve indicated his willingness to serve.There were no further nominations so Steve was duly elected as our new Chairman.


The Chairman then asked the  members present for  nomination for the post of Vice Chairman. Chris Caddick proposed Paul Darby and Grahm Winwood  proposed Roy Clark. Roy indicated his willingness to  take on the post and Paul Darby withdrew. David Bradley seconded the nomination and Roy was then  duly elected.




Roy Clark was then re-elected unopposed to the position of Secretary/Stocking Officer proposed Don Walls seconded Glyn Phillips.


Graham Winwood was re-elected unopposed to the post of Treasurer, proposed Alan Cain seconded John Smith.


Alan Cain and Paul Robinson retired by rotation from the committee. Both indicated their willingness to continue in office and to remain on the committee,


The official business of the meeting was concluded at 21.21 hrs.




Open Discussion


The Chairman then opened up the informal meeting for general comment and discussion.


Alan Cain asked the members present on their view regarding Salopians attempting to purchase season tickets on larger reservoirs such as Clywedog, Blithfield, Carsington, Foremark, Ravensthorpe or Draycote so that members could have the opportunity to fish these waters particularly when our smaller pools are not fishing well during hot dry months? There was a general discussion but most members present seemed to think that travelling some distance to these waters would deter them being used.


Trevor Rayers asked if the Merestone pool at Boldings could be increased in size? John said that he would raise this question with Ed Turner. It was further suggested that the narrow neck beneath the willow tree at the end of Lanternslip could be opened up and then the water beyond extended and cleared to enable this to be fished properly? Once again John said he would approach Ed on this.


It was also suggested that perhaps a simple shelter be erected at both Brineton and Bodings so that it was possible to shelter from inclement weather. This has previously been discussed and Mr Huxley agreed to erect one, but we are still waiting. It was suggested that when we erect the new hut at Boldings we could leave the existing one where it is to serve just this purpose.


There was  a general complaint about the Gamekeeper at Brineton tipping barley or wheat husk and straw into the garden pool which causes a flotilla of this material to extend with the wind over the pool. Alan explained that this is supposed to be in order to attract the ducks to stay so that Phillip Huxley can have duck shooting for himself and friends. It seems unfair that Mr Huxley charges us for the fishing and then uses the pool himself on a number of occasions and also contaminates the water. Alan explained that it is very difficult to deal effectively with Mr Huxley but agreed to do what he could.


Brian Revell asked if a pair of accurate digital scales could be considered when we furnish the new hut at Boldings?


Following a number of requests, it was decided that an organized visit to the River Clun would be arranged for 2017 in order that more members can see this true wild trout and grayling fishery.


It was agreed that  last year’s Salopians Annual Dinner was a success and we should organise another in 2017. Date and venue to be advised but probably in February or March .


There were no further questions for discussion.


Don Walls thanked the Fisheries Officers, the Officers, and the committee for their hard work, time and commitment on behalf of the membership.



Any members that were unable to attend the AGM can request copies of any of the above-mentioned fishery reports from the relevant author/officer.


A reminder and request was made that any members with an e-mail address would they please send an e-mail to both Roy

hallonsford@btinternt.com and   Graham pgwinwood@tiscali.co.uk  so that their details can be added to the membership list which will reduce the annual postage costs and speed up communication.



The meeting closed at 21:56

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